Beef, bacon and egg burgers

Serves 4

0 IMG_1274 BBE burger


2-4 tbsps olive oil

500 g lean beef mince

200 g bacon

4 eggs

4 burger buns

Iceberg lettuce, cut finely

Tomato, sliced

4 slices light tasty or Swiss cheese

Barbeque sauce



Add olive oil to 2 flat non-stick pans, coat surface, heat pans to medium heat

Divide mince into 4 equal balls, flatten

Cook burgers at medium heat in larger pan until cooked through

Cut fat off bacon

Cook bacon at medium heat in smaller pan until cooked through

Add olive oil to one medium or 2 small flat non-stick pans

Crack eggs, break yolk immediately, cook on both sides until just cooked

Cut burger buns in half

Add lettuce, tomato, cheese, burger, bacon and egg to bottom half of bun

Add barbeque sauce to egg

Put top half of bun on



Add fresh pineapple as well as or instead of egg


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