Turkey, pineapple and cranberry burgers

Serves 4

Turkey, pineapple and cranberry burgers


2-4 tbsps olive oil

1 egg

1 cup of bread crumbs

500 g turkey mince

Half a fresh pineapple

4 burger buns

I bag of mixed lettuce leaves (mild not bitter)

Cucumber, sliced longways

4 slices Swiss cheese

Cranberry jelly



Add olive oil to 2 non-stick flat pans, coat surface, heat pans to medium heat

Crack egg into a large bowl, whisk

Add breadcrumbs and turkey mince, combine

Divide mixture into 4 equal balls, flatten

Cook burgers at medium heat in larger pan until cooked through

Cut pineapple into thin slices, cut off skin

Cook pineapple at medium heat in smaller pan until cooked through

Cut burger buns in half

Spread cranberry jelly on top half of bun

Add lettuce, cucumber, cheese, pineapple and burger to bottom half of bun

Put top half of bun on


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