Banana and strawberry smoothie

Serves 2



1 ripe banana

100 g frozen sliced strawberries

1 1/2 scoops of strawberry sorbet

1 1/2 scoops of vanilla ice cream

1 cup skim lactose-free milk


Separate frozen strawberries and cut into small pieces

Peel banana and cut into chunks

Put half the strawberries, banana, sorbet and ice cream into a blender

Add the milk, put blender lid on, pulse first to mix then blend until smooth

Put the other half of the strawberries, banana, sorbet and ice cream into the blender

Blend until smooth. Add extra milk if it is too thick.

Honey and lemon drink

Serves 1



1 small lemon or half a large lemon

1 tsp clear honey

200mL boiling water



Boil water in kettle

Micowave whole unpeeled lemon briefly; 30 secs at 1/2 power for a small lemon, 1 min at 1/2 power for a large lemon

Put 1 tsp honey in a mug

Add about 100 mL boiling water and stir until mixed

Cut lemon and juice with a hand juicer into a small bowl with a spout

Pour lemon juice through a small strainer into the mug

Top up to about 200 mL with boiling water