Spaghetti bolognaise

Serves 4



2 tbsp olive oil

500 g extra lean beef mince

1 carrot

1 zucchini

1 bottle (500 mL)  pasta sauce

1/2 packet (250g) spaghetti

Parmesan cheese



Add olive oil to a non-stick pan, coat surface, heat pan to medium heat

Add mince to pan, cook, breaking up lumps

Peel and grate carrot, grate zucchini

Put hot water in a large pot, add a pinch of salt, bring to the boil

When mince is cooked, spread carrot and zucchini evenly over top of mince then stir to mix

Add pasta sauce to pan, stir to mix

Allow mince to simmer while spaghetti is cooking

Add spaghetti to pot and cook for time stated on packet

Drain spaghetti in a colander

Spoon spaghetti into bowls, top with mince

Sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top



Chicken, carrot and zucchini meatballs

Serves 4

IMG_1240 Chicken, carrot and zucchini meatballs


2 tbsps olive oil

1 1/4 cup of bread crumbs

1 small carrot

1 small zucchini

½ cup finely shredded fresh coriander, or 1 tsp dried coriander leaves

500 g chicken mince



Add olive oil to a flat non-stick pan, coat surface, heat pan to medium heat

Put bread crumbs in a large bowl

Peel and grate carrot, add to bowl

Grate zucchini, add to bowl

Add coriander to bowl

Add mince, combine

Divide mixture into 4 equal balls, then each ball into 2, then each ball into 2 (total 16)

Cook meatballs at medium heat until cooked through


Serving suggestions

Dip in sweet chilli sauce

Serve with shredded iceberg lettuce and sliced baby cucumber



Zucchini and bacon fritters

Serves 4



4 medium zucchini

2 medium potatoes

2 eggs

300 g diced bacon style pieces

2 tbsps olive oil

½ cup plain flour



Line a large bowl with a double layer of paper towel, using enough to fold over at the top

Cut ends off zucchinis and grate into bowl

Peel potatoes and grate into bowl

Fold paper towel over grated vegetables and press to absorb excess moisture

Crack eggs into a clean large bowl. Beat until yolks and whites are just mixed.

Add zucchini, potato and bacon to the bowl with eggs. Stir to coat vegetables and bacon with eggs.

Add olive oil to a non-stick pan, coat surface, heat pan to medium heat

Add flour gradually to zucchini, potato and bacon in bowl, stirring to coat.

Put four large spoonfuls of mixture in pan, flatten. Cook about 5 minutes on each side or until browned.

Take fritters out of pan and put on a warm plate, cover with foil to keep warm.

Repeat until all mixture has been cooked.


Serving suggestions

Put a dollop of Greek yoghurt on top of each fritter

Zucchini, bacon and parmesan bake

Serves 3

Zucchini, bacon and parmesan bake


2 tbsp olive oil

300 g diced bacon style pieces

3 medium zucchini

1 cup (250 mL, ½ bottle) Dolmio pasta sauce

1 cup multigrain breadcumbs or 12 crackers, crushed

½ cup grated Parmesan cheese



Preheat the oven to 180C

Add olive oil to a non-stick pan, coat surface, heat pan to medium heat

Cook the bacon until it is just cooked

Grease a baking dish with olive oil

Slice the zucchinis thinly and add to the baking dish

Add the bacon and pasta sauce to the baking dish. Stir gently to mix

Sprinkle breadcrumbs or cracker crumbs evenly over the top

Sprinkle parmesan cheese evenly over the breadcrumbs

Cover baking dish with aluminium foil and bake for 30 minutes. Remove the aluminium foil for the last 10 minutes to allow the crumbs and cheese to brown